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Deland Forestry Mulching

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Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching is an economical and environmentally friendly process of grinding up underbrush and brush cutting unwanted smaller trees to bring out the beauty of your tree canopy on your property.

Forestry Mulching

In the last several years Forestry Mulching has become very popular with customers and is a Eco friendly method of clearing and beautifying property’s. Our powerful brush grinding and mulching equipment creates and distributes a layer of mulch,  which helps speed the recovery of the land. Mulching creates a healing blanket that retains moisture and reduces erosion, provides a protective  cover for new growth, and returns nutrients to the soil. Our mulching machine is capable of grinding up any brush and trees up to 8 – 12 inches in diameter which allows us handle just about any property. 

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Forestry Mulching

By processing trees and other vegetation into beneficial mulch where they stand, mulching  machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing such as site preparation, cutting, felling, hauling, Bulldozer messes and site cleanup. 

Mulching is a environmentally friendly approach and keeps soil  disturbance to a minimum and never leaves brush piles to burn.

Deland Forestry Mulching

What is Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a land-clearing method that uses a single machine to selectively cut trees, brush, and vines to clear unwanted vegetation while leaving behind a fine layer of mulch that is operational as well as beautiful. Forestry mulching is more efficient than using a chainsaw or a tractor with a bush hog while more cost-effective than a bulldozer, loader, and hauler. This one-machine, one-operator method can take all stumps and stems flush to the ground, leaving a surface that can be immediately driven over, mowed, or seeded.

The resulting mulch also provides superior erosion protection and reintroduces nutrients right back into the soil. A forestry mulcher can access densely forested areas that cannot accommodate larger machinery. Forestry mulchers can also operate in inclement weather and on softer, more vulnerable surfaces, allowing forestry mulching to occur year-round. Perhaps most important, forestry mulching is ecologically friendly and less disruptive than other clearing methods; the land is not left scarred or burned, “keeper” trees suffer less damage, and “feeder” roots are protecte

Why Use Forestry Mulching?

Simply put, forestry mulching is the best bang for your buck. There are three ways to clear land of unwanted vegetation: chainsaw/tractor, forestry mulcher, and bulldozer/loader/hauler. Hand-cutting and hauling have a low equipment cost but are not efficient and can end up with a high labor cost. Using a bulldozer, loader, and hauler may be more efficient but at a much higher cost, both for equipment and labor (multiple operators). Forestry mulching’s one-machine, one-operator method has both a low equipment and operator cost along with an efficiency that cannot be met by the other two methods. By processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, forestry mulchers eliminate many of the time-consuming steps involved in land clearing (site prep, cutting, hauling, and clean-up) while keeping costs down.

Forestry mulching is also the superior choice for clearing land in an environmentally friendly way. A one-machine method reduces fuel requirements and emissions with limited disturbance to soil or desirable vegetation. Forestry mulchers leave the soil structure intact and mulched material can be left on the cleared ground, acting as an erosion barrier and natural soil enhancer.

Forestry mulchers can also clear land in wet weather, access steep slopes or tight areas, and often do not require permitting, which makes forestry mulching the best choice for any type of project.

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Deland Forestry Mulching

Deland Forestry Mulching

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